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To the NW of the village the monastery of the Holy Trinity is worth visiting as well as the Byzantine church of St. Paraskevi. The ideal for climbers surrounding mountains where the International Path E4 lies, is a pole of attraction in the whole region.

To the north, we come across Mt. Varnous ( Peristeri ), embracing a spectacular beech-tree forest (35,000 acres), having its highest peak on the Greek part of the mountain, called Oriza (2334m.). Mt. Triklari lies to the north-west (highest peak Boutsi-1776m.) and to the south one can see the well-known mountain range of Vernon, Vitsi being its highest peak (2128m.).

Also, the forest roads invite you to discover new experiences in your four-wheeled drive cars. The Aliakmonas, which is the longest river in Greece flowing into the Thermaikos Gulf, springs out of these mountains due to the abundant rainfalls and snowfalls.

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The Vigla ski resort is one of the oldest in the country (since 1932) and the only one on the national road from Florina to Albania, which apart from 2-3 metres of snow can provide:

  • an 800m long sliding lift serving 600 persons per hour
  • an aerial two-seater lift serving 600 persons per hour
  • a two-seater lift with an intermediate ramp serving 1,200 persons per hour, starting out from Pisoderi

  • three 6km long ski-runs, registered by F.I.S. which serve skiers and athletes in the best way possible. Panhellenic as well as international games are held in Vigla.

On a daily basis one can find:

  • a mountain refuge for climbers with a restaurant and cafe
  • a chalet with a restaurant and cafe .

Skiing lessons are given by individuals and clubs and skiing equipment is rented (skis, sledges etc.).

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The sense of serenity one can feel on reaching the Prespa region is riveting. The north-west part of Greece at an altitude of 300m. is a very special place which one has to visit at least once in a lifetime.

It is the biggest national park in our country. Spring is the best time of year for one to see the rare water birds, pelicans, herons and cormorants during their reproduction. Each place in the National Park has its own beauty and its own character. A walk to the small island of Aghios Achillios along a floating bridge is a unique experience.

One should not omit to visit the hermitages and the icons painted on the cliffs of Megali Prespa by taking a boat ride to the place.

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